January 22-26

Welcome back!

We have a nacho sale this Thursday during lunch. The price is $2 and the money may be sent

to the classroom. We have a full week with more cursive to learn. The class LOVES this lost art!

Please see the schedule on the STA Website for all the activities scheduled for Catholic

Schools Week. The schedule will also be on next weeks planner.

Have a BLESSED week!

January 15-19

Welcome back!

This week we will continue to talk about how we are all blessed. We have

a special board in the classroom where students can write why they feel blessed.

Please continue to practice spelling words daily. This semester the words will

be a bit more challenging.

Have a wonderful week!

January 8-12

Welcome back on this Monday!

We are back to a full week this 2018. We will be diving into

cursive writing and the class is SUPER excited!

Please remember that this weekend is a three day weekend. Monday is

a day off to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Have a blessed week!

January 3-5

Happy New Year!

Welcome back on this short week. We have a noon dismissal this Friday

and liturgy at 11:00 am. Please remember dress up uniform.


Dec 11-15

Welcome back on this chilly Monday!

Please bring a flower tomorrow (Tuesday) for Our Lady of Guadalupe celebration.

This Wednesday and Friday are spirit wear days. Wednesday is spirit wear for $1 to benefit

Africa relief. This Friday is our Christmas party, thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Ray for


Have a blessed week!


December 4-8

Welcome back!

Please mark your calendar for this Wednesday, December 6th. It is our Barnes & Noble

fundraiser. Please come and see all your teachers read their favorite Christmas story.

Also, 2nd grade is hosting Mass this Friday at 11:00 am. Please wear dress up uniform.

Have a blessed week!

October 30-Noveember 3

Welcome back on this Monday!

Tomorrow is Halloween and the students may wear a costume. Please see

the guidelines that came home in last weeks newsletter. Please remember that this

Wednesday we have Mass as well as Friday. Friday is also a noon dismissal.


Thank you and have a blessed week!

October 23-27

Welcome back on this warm Monday!

Please remember to send plenty of water this week. We are back to very hot weather again.

This week is Red Ribbon Week. Everyday there will be a new dress attire. Thank you to Mr.

and Mrs. Ray for the wonderful email updates. 🙂

We have quite a collection of “car items” for the pancake breakfast basket. We could always use

a few more. THANKS!!

Have a blessed week!








October 2-6

Good morning on this beautiful Monday!


This week we are starting our math group rotations. We love to work in small

groups for math. Also, please mark your calendars for this Friday the 6th. We

are welcoming all Grandparent’s or special friends to visit our classroom and join

us for Mass. This is a dress up uniform day too. Mass will start at 11:00am with a lunch in

the Social Center to follow.

Thank you and have a blessed day!

September 25-29

Good morning on this Monday!

This week the weather has changed again and it should

be quite warm. Please send your child with a large water bottle

everyday. 🙂

This Friday is another spirit dress for the Hurricane Harvey relief. Students

may wear jeans and a spirit shirt for a minimum of $1. Thank you for your

continued support and have a blessed week.